Wordless places you at the center of a creative process, working to celebrate the potential of autistic people and connect them as well as their family members, professionals, and caregivers with resources to improve their lives.


Acquiring Wordless is contributing to a better, fairer and fraternal society. All profits from book sales will go to initiatives to address vulnerabilities affecting the autistic community.


Wordless is an invitation not only to know about autism but also to feel and reflect on the importance of respecting the diversity and care of all people for the good of the world.

A beautiful book with lots of images can bring a lot of inspiration, even today, with the speed of the Internet, even if the world has changed the way we communicate, one book can bring an experience unlike any other.




Artist, fashion designer, and social entrepreneur. Bachelor in Fashion from University Veiga de Almeida / IZA / UVA Institute in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2000. Tatiana Campos developed her career between fashion glamor and commitment to social causes. She created an eponymous line and a lifestyle brand Rio’s.

Tatiana and her husband founded together Fator Simples, a factory of creative solutions for textile industry and the NGO Recém-Vestido with a mission of addressing maternal and child vulnerability. Currently, she also is dedicated to the study of autism and development of new products and projects to benefit and connect autistic people around the world.

Wordless Love

Wordless opens doors to an ambitious plan that goes far beyond its pages. 
Looking forward to continuing growing this story of unconditional love to other countries and communities. 



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What Others Are Saying

“I think it's important for everyone to understand our main message to all communities that Autism is not only treatable but that it offers all without Autism the great opportunity to become a true hero, regardless of age or economic standing; by sharing our particular gifts, our time, our compassion, we all grow as individuals and as citizens of our communities, making our own futures that much more prosperous and joyful. Thank you,  with much love and appreciation,”

— Dorinda Luzardo MS Ed. MLIS

Founder & CEO Angels Reach Foundation Inc.

Angels Reach Academy

Angels Reach Developmental Enrichment Center, Inc


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